Council of Ministers dispense for 3 bare-faced (unveiled) in the absence of a committee of modesty

The World
Senior official working in the cabinet of the Council of Ministers warned from upcoming “wave of religious stress” which started to prevail in many of the state institutions. This wave was noticed in particular units of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and some other ministries controlled by the religious parties.
The official, who requested anonymity, added in an interview for “The World” that some departments of the Secretariat of the Council of ministers have recently imposed strict measures on the clothing of staff, particularly females. The action reached some degree to transfer them outside the Secretariat.
The source who is familiar with these departments revealed that 3 female employees transferred out of the Secretariat under the pretext of not considering modesty. The source pointed out that the deported women are known for their good behavior and commitment among their colleagues, although they are not veiled.
The source explained that there was a committee for dress modesty in the Secretariat to watch the commitment of the staff in wearing suitable suits during working hours and to monitor immodest female employees, he added, the committee was dissolved.
He pointed out, the decision of transferring unveiled female employees was supported by a senior official belong to one of the religious parties.
The source raised the fear from the increasing wave of religious stress in the different institutions of the country at which staff from various religions and political sectors are working.