Corpse of the martyr Archbishop mar Paulos Faraj Rahho among formal and popular attendance


Keramless -Taher Ablahad / /Eclusive
Photos:Sam Shaker and Taher Ablahad
On Friday, the faithful paid last respects to the martyr Mar Paulos Faraj Rahho Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul.
Mourners from Mosul and other cities across Iraq gathered in Keramless for the funeral of the martyr Archbishop.
The faithful wailed through tears for the loss of their great father.
Clerics attended the funeral mass, at front part Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarch of the Chaldean church, Apostolic ambassador in Iraq, Chaldean bishops in Iraq, Bishops of the Assyrian Eastern church ,Syrian Catholic and Syrian Orthodox churches, monks of Iraqi churches.
At the formal part, Mr. Sarkis Aghajan , Minister of Finance and Economics in Kurdistan territory ,Mr. Khasro Goran, lieutenant governor, Mr. Ablahad Afram member of Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Nisan Kerromi Governor of Al-Hamdaniya, Major General Khalid , head of police of Ninevah province ,officials , deligate of Yezidi sect, party and national movement leaders in Ninevah.
The coffin carried on shoulders by clergymen, from Mar Georgis church to Mar Adda church surrounded by thousand of believers , mourners wept , scattered flowers in front of the martyr’s corpse.
The organized funeral mass started, heading by Cardinal Delli, Bishop Shelimon Wardooni, Bishop Jack Isaaq.
In his speech , Cardinal Delli ,wailed the martyr Archbishop , father Bashar Warda read number of condolences and solidarity letters from the Pop Benedict of Vatican, Mr. Jalal Al-Talabani, the Iraqi president, Mr. Masoud Al-Barazani , President of Kurdistan , Antwan Odo Caldean Bishop of Syria and a large number of personalities representing Iraqi parties and organizations.
Condolences received after the mass.