Copper: Revolution completed its goals with the fall of Mubarak and the military council and the Muslim Brotherhood

Mamdouh Shafiq predicted copper Secretary General of the Party of righteousness that the Egyptian revolution will be completed goals approaching departure of the Brotherhood, which was an extension of the rule of former President Mubarak and the military council, and to prove that the coming period revolution is a youth revolution period.

The copper that demonstrations June 30 will be peaceful demonstrations to rally rebel Egyptians to achieve his goals revolution in the fields filled with young people, girls and all shades of the Egyptian people, without the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and extremist groups who already have acts of sabotage and burning sections and prison for smuggling groups, the Brotherhood and its supporters from outside Egypt.

Copper demanded the Egyptian people to get out and rally without fear or concern for the promise of the army and police of being behind the Egyptian people to secure during Mazepehrth and achieve their demands, emphasizing the peaceful demonstrations to prove to the world the Egyptian people attended in achieving the demands of the revolution.