Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Calls On Sec. of State Clinton to Develop Pro-Assyrian Policy Focused on the Nineveh

Dear Sargon,

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (9th District Illinois) sent a strongly
worded letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on August 7, coinciding
 with Assyrian Martyr’s Day, urging that the United States develop a
comprehensive policy for the protection of ethno-religious minorities
 in Iraq.

After citing the persecution Assyrians, including Chaldeans and
 Syriacs, have suffered since the beginning of the Iraq War, Schakowsky
 stated, “[T]he United States has consistently failed to develop a
 comprehensive policy to address this serious situation. However, I believe
 we now have an opportunity to encourage widespread recognition of
 this crisis and work together to find a solution. Any successful diplomatic
 policy must consider security, development, and governance dimensions, and
 must recognize the centrality of the Nineveh Plains to the future of these

This letter comes in the wake of a townhall meeting Congresswoman Schakowsky
 held with the Assyrian community of Illinois on July 19. In response to a
 question from AANC Executive Board member Elmer Abbo during the event,
 Schakowsky said she would send a letter to Sec. Clinton addressing the
 Assyrian crisis.

AANC thanks Congresswoman Schakowsky for her leadership on this issue of
 critical importance to the future of the Assyrian people. AANC also thanks
 Ramen Oshana for his contribution in spearheading the July event as well as
 the Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project for working with Schakowsky’s office
 to provide research and policy development leading to Schakowsky’s