Conflagration broke out in Chaldean Archdiocese of Zakho

Zakho / – Exclusive
Marwan Al-Senati

Fire broke out on Thursday 10/4 at 12.00 midday in Chaldean Archdiocese building of Zakho in Al-Nasarah area. Nobody inside the building but expectation indicate big damages.
Bishop mar Putrus Al-Hherbulli , the clergyman of Chaldean church in Zakho and Duhok stated to that the conflagration is due to electrical contact in his private room.
Mr. Sadii Ezet firemen team responsible assured the cause of the fire to our correspondence.
The fire caused big damages of books, furniture, and other properties where the Archdiocese building exposed to light damages.
Zakho’s governorate , Mr. Amir Koka director of Hezel center and number of authorities visited the building.