Condemnation Letter against the Turkish invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan province.

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Peoples Chaldean, Syriac Assyrian, in Denmark
Aarhus 22.10.2007

We condemn in the strongest terms the random shelling of our villages in Berwari Bala and Zakho and all regions of the presence of our people Assyrian, Chaldean, Syriac, on the border about 15 kilometers inside Iraqi territory in Kurdistan province.
Such acts shows the historical Turkish ambitions that never ceased on the disclosure of secret and publicly. The military operations are only to terrorize our people by having scorched by the terrorist fire in the central and southern regions, they have been displaced and their properties looted. Forced into migrating again to their ancestors homeland, even met Turkey after suffering human casualties and suffered homelessness and Poverty and destitution.
All the sincere efforts made by the government of the Kurdistan region, as well as Rabbie Serkis Agajan territory finance minister through reconstruction projects and placement of our villages and seek to find projects that provide employment opportunities for our sons to ensure their stability.

The Turkey aggressive strikes are only to terrorize our people and forcing them to leave their places of historical, and discharging it again. But what are suspicious of Turkey’s intentions?
Turkey is a member of NATO, has military capabilities and enjoys high combat readiness with military experience and has experienced leaders in military science. And have enormous military potential in the coordinates of the artillery shelling to shell the targets of the PKK fighters.
Although Turkey’s claim that the reason behind the bombing of our villages, is because the PKK launch operations against Turkey. Such claims are groundless.
It would be strange for the PKK fighters to cut hundreds of kilometres in Iraqi territory to launch attacks on Turkish forces within Turkish territory.
It is worthwhile noting that Turkish Prime Minister Ordogan assured in one of his speech to the military commanders that there were 5000 fighters of the PKK in the mountains of Turkey and it was a priority for the Turkish forces to capture them and eliminate them. Instead they shelled our people in the north of Iraq.
And it is better for Turkey to solve its Interior problems suffered by with the Kurdish people for decades. It’s possible to solve it peacefully, especially at a time when it claimed to be a modern democratic state seeking EU membership. With the Armenian issue that has by and large been an obstacle for Turkey to enter into the EU membership, the recent acts of aggression will certainly aggravate the situation even more, for the EU members, known for their strong support of democracy and freedom will certainly veto any decision for such a membership.

We therefore call upon all the above states, organizations to exert pressure through their representatives to put an end to such inhuman acts against our people and take punitive measure, through the imposition of sanctions and holding Turkish government accountable for the damage caused and compensate for the damage caused in the areas where our people live as a result of the recent attacks.

Send to:
The Turkish embassy in Copenhagen.
The European Union.
The White House.
President George W. Bush.
American embassy, British embassies and allied forces.
The Danish Parliament and the Danish parties.
The embassies of Arab States.
The United Nations Commission of Human Rights The Arab League and the Islamic Conference.
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent and all. organizations concerned with human Rights.