Community is my family says the ambassador

CARMEN Lazar has been on the go for 17 years.
She says she loves life in the fast lane and has no intention of slowing down.

As well as being community settlement officer at the Assyrian Resource Centre in Fairfield, Mrs Lazar has also been the secretary and vice-president of the Assyrian Australian Association, the vice-president of the Assyrian National Federation and the principal of the Assyrian Australian Association’s Assyrian Diqlat School.

For her contribution to the community, Mrs Lazar was appointed as one of the Australian Multicultural Council’s 40 People of Australia Ambassadors.

People of Australia Ambassadors program was launched by Prime Minister Julia Gillard last year.

Mrs Lazar said her aim, as an ambassador, was to become a role model for young people and mothers.

“I don’t have any kids and because of that the good Lord has given me something else,” she said. “My community is my children. That’s why I’ll never stop doing what I do.

“I love life; I love what I’m doing, and I hope I become a good role model for the younger generation and for mothers as well. I especially want mothers to know that you’re never too old. Age is just a number, especially in this blessed country.”

Mrs Lazar, 52, says her drive comes from the support of her husband.

“We’ve been married for 26 years but it only feels like 26 days,” she said. “But I don’t know where I get all the energy from.

“I guess we’re all here for a reason on this planet and this is my special task.

“I also want to thank my husband, because he’s always supported me and he knows that my passion is my community. He’s always given me the strength because he believes in me.”