Commemoration To Who Lost Their Lives In The Armenian Genocide

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Swedish Parliament on ‘Armenian Genocide’ was held in commemoration for the victims, “the conscience of Turkey as long as the confrontation with history to relax” the statement said.

Memorial ceremony was held for the Armenian, Assyrian-Syriac and Pontic Greeks who were massacred during the First World War in the Swedish Parliament. In the event hosted by the Left Party and the Moderated (Conservative) Party, the Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh, The Reactive Party MP Arin Karapet, Writer Rag?p Zarakolu, Rebecka on behalf of the Turabdin Committee formed by the Armenian Consul General of Armenia Alexander Arzoumanian and the Assyrian-Syriac-Chaldean organizations Barjosef made a speech. Rag?p Zarakolu, a journalist-writer, said that the genocide continued after 104 years and posed a serious danger to the peoples of the Middle East. He noted that the children and grandchildren of the survivors of 1915 lived under the threat of jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria and called for it to be sensitive to the world. Assoc. Dr. Vahagn Avedi who said he was sad repetition of the demand for Turkey to accept the genocide memorial ceremony held on April 24 every year. Avedian said, “They need to know what it is and face their own history. But so far this has not been done. In the case of the genocide in Serbia, there are some Serbian politicians who have yet to deny the genocide, although over 20 years have passed. This understanding primarily hurts the Serbian people. Nor deny to 1915 is hurting most in Turkey. ” The Swedish Parliament adopted in 1915 that the events of 1915 were genocide , but the right-wing government that was at work at the time, and the coalition government formed by the Social Democrats and the Greens, refused to enact the decision. Avedian said, “The only word to explain this is hypocrisy. The issue was brought to the agenda of the parliament by the Social Democrats. They don’t take the decisions they make today. The attitude of the current Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, once the United Nations human rights officer, is quite upsetting. The government says lawyers should clarify the situation and refrain from recognizing the parliamentary decision.” Two of Sweden’s top two historian historians have declared that what happened in 1915 was genocide Desirre Pethrus, a Christian Democrat, said that commemoration of the victims was important and said “We, as a party, should recognize the genocide of the Swedish government. He had previously accepted parliamentary genocide. We will continue our efforts to be recognized.”