Christmas gift for Nineveh!

vb-kerstactie-voor-nineveh-2.jpgJust like the previous year, we will surprise the kids in the province of Nineveh in Northern Iraq (Assyria) on Christmas. The past years we received donations from all over the world to support this event. The kids in this war-torn country experienced an unforgettable evening when Santa Claus appeared at their houses with a bag full of Christmas gifts.
Assyrians Without Borders, an official and in Sweden recognized non-profit organisation, has offered to participate and help in the financial transaction from Europe to Iraq.
Every gift for a child in Iraq costs about 1- 2 Euro’s and you can count the number of gifts you provide those kids with 10-20 dollars! Santa Claus will visit many villages and will not pass by any house!
Do you wish to support this project?
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