Christians in Iraq need support, prayer

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cross broken shatteredAs ISIS continues to be beaten back in the Middle East, brave Christians are returning to their homes and villages, and finding devastation.
William Hollander partners with Open Doors USA in Iraq, where the Islamic ideology has created a difficult situation for the Christian community.

“They still struggle,” he says, “with this thing like, Look, our hope has been taken away. We’ve got faith in Christ, faith in God, but we don’t have hope in the future that the future of Iraq will turn better.”

Hollander tells OneNewsNow the international governments have yet to take action to support the return and equal citizenship of the Christians.

“We try to encourage the Christians: Don’t behave as a minority,” he says. “When people start behaving as a minority, they do everything what the government says or authorities say. So we said, No, you are not a minority, you are equal Iraqi citizens.”

Open Doors USA has been calling on the Trump administration, as well as the United Nations, to take an active role in supporting Christians in the Middle East.