Christian refugees still facing “totally unacceptable” persecution in Europe, says charity

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By Aaron James
A Christian advocacy charity has said that refugee believers are still experiencing “totally unacceptable” persecution for their faith in Europe, despite their efforts to escape victimisation in their own countries.
According to the Sunday Express, Open Doors France has said Iraqi Muslims have been attacking Iranian converts to Christianity in northern France.

It includes an Iranian Christian who was murdered on December 14th last year, and others being stabbed.

The charity has said many Christians are still avoiding refugee camps because of fear Muslims will attack them.

It’s despite them and hundreds of thousands others fleeing persecution and restricted freedom of religion back home.

Recently, the Christian charity ADF International renewed calls spearheaded by the Christian peer Lord Alton for the British government to officially classify Islamic State persecution of Christians in the Middle East as a genocide.

If the government did so, international law would push it to take further action to protect believers in the region.

The British government has said it does not deny Islamic State’s action could be evidence for genocide, however it is for other bodies to officially classify it as genocide.

Last month, the European Parliament voted to formally classify the jihadist group’s actions against Christians as genocide.

Michel Varton, director of Open Doors France, told the Sunday Express: “Many Christians amongst the refugees are fleeing persecution and discrimination

“They are already traumatised by their terrible experience in the Middle East.

“Imagine their despair to realise that, once here in France, they are suffering the same discrimination and hate from fellow immigrants.

“The local churches have shown dedication to help the Christian refugees and those who are genuinely interested in the Christian faith. The authorities must allow them to have simple buildings where they can meet and worship God in security.

“It’s totally unacceptable that someone could lose their life for their faith once in France.”