Christian Refugees in Sweden Fear Muslim Refugees

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Christians fleeing Muslim persecution are an obvious target
Daniel Greenfield
While Western leftists demanding that Europe admit all the Syrian Muslims the UN can dump on them, their first victims will be real refugees. Christian refugees from the Middle East.
Algerian Jews fled the country after the French left and the Muslims began to massacre them. They went to France. The Muslims followed them. The end result were attacks on synagogues, kidnappings, murders and the return of the Supremacist Muslim persecution that they had fled. Now Christian refugees in Sweden face the same Muslim Supremacist threat. (via Religion of Peace)

The massive wave of Muslim migrants into Europe has left some of those Christians wondering if any place is safe, according to a group of Christian migrants in Sodertalje, Sweden.

More than half of the people in Sodertalje are Christian immigrants, most have fled violence and persecution in Iraq and Syria.

Many have come to churches because they want to express themselves freely, to worship freely in the West.

But even in Sweden, they are questioning their safety and their future.

And they are right to do so. Muslim migrants have even murdered Christian refugees on the way into Europe. You can imagine what they’ll do once inside Europe.

“If the massive influx of Muslim immigrants come from North African countries and from Middle Eastern countries, they want to impose Sharia law. We are just trying to keep our traditions and our values and our democracy alive,” David Dag, with the Aramean Democratic Organization of Sweden, said…

Amer Georges Behnam, an Iraqi immigrant, worked with the Americans in Iraq. He fled his country because his life was threatened.

“I was an engineer and I wanted to build my country but they wouldn’t let me. They forced me out of my country. I’m afraid these newcomers may want to destroy this peaceful country,” Behnam said…

We’ve already seen that happen. Malmo has become unlivable for Jews. Muslims have targeted the indigenous Laplanders. Christians fleeing Muslim persecution are an obvious target for the invading Muslims.