Christian peace organisations assess way forward on Iraq

In the run up to the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Pax Christi and the Fellowship of Reconciliation are organising a seminar to help Christian peace organisations and campaigners reflect on the current situation in Iraq and to discuss the way forward. The seminar, which will take place today in central London, will hear from three renown keynote speakers on the situation.

Speakers are Professor Paul Rogers of the Peace Studies department at Bradford University and author of Iraq and the War on Terror (Pluto Press), A War Too Far and Losing Control (Pluto Press). Suah Rassam was assistant professor of medicine in the University of Baghdad until the 1990’s when she moved to London. She is author of Christianity in Iraq (Gracewing) and is involved in a newly formed organisation Iraqi Christians in Need. Milan Rai is co-founder Voices in the Wilderness UK and Justice Not Vengeance. He is author of War Plan Iraq: Ten Reasons Against War with Iraq (Verso, 2002), and Regime Unchanged: Why The War On Iraq Changed Nothing (Pluto, 2003)

Pat Gaffney “This is an important opportunity for churches, groups and organisations to engage in discussion with our speakers and also to talk about practical responses that church we will want to make as we approach the 5th anniversary of the war on 20 March 2008”.

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