Christian migrants inside Baghdad; when will return home?

51.jpgFadi Kamal / – Baghdad Office
The advanced exceeds of the law imposition plan by the Iraqi government in Baghdad, display a miserable dream for security restoration.
The awakening gathering (Majales Al-Sahwa) was part of the plan recording success in Anbar province and the west parts of Iraq.
Hence the Iraqi government and the US forces tried to apply the plan inside Baghdad to fight the terror of Al-Qaeda .
Actually extensive campaign started in Dora, Sayediya, Bayaa and Hayfa street by the Iraqi government, US forces aided by the awakening gathering.
Now and after more than one month of mopping up the mentioned districts specifically districts where Chaldean, Assyrian and Syriac were migrants from , as Dora, Sayediya, Bayaa and others, we are asking, are these places actually secured ?if the answer is “Yes” , why migrants do not return home in particular the happy news of inaugurating the two churches ?
Questions to be asked the migrant families to spot light the nearest reality point within my report.91.jpg

(Views are personal, names omitted for security purposes and by request)

Abu Eman family of eight members including three brothers, migrants from Dora and transferred to Ghadir , majority Christian residential area ,
The elder brother was married and had a child, said: “we received a threat paper including three options; paying ransom, be killed or leaving.
The decision was hard, we left our big house to leave in this very small house, even transferring personal properties and house contents was not allowed. We lost money and face difficulties”.

Q- Any aids received from authorities?
“Thankfully saying limited aids, but not getting back our house and properties”

Q- Now after the successful consequences of the security plan in Dora, why you are not thinking to return back? ( the middle brother answer)
“Return is not an easy decision, I went to Dora and found abandon ghostly place, quiet but no life after 4.00pm , maybe the quietness leads to storm , our area is changed to barrack , Ghadir area is a very good place to live a prospers life. Asking if we return to Dora, will our life be secured or we will loss our life”.
The elder brother’s wife said;” We found ruins instead of our house ,damage everywhere by terror groups, neighbor said that government officials existence is only in the morning , and at night situation is changed to abnormal.
Another subject is that we are employees, and as their opinion working with the government, gunmen consider that government allegiance with occupation authorities, so we are also cooperating with them”.82.jpg

Q-Do you think the district will be secured to return back to your house?
“We hope so, maybe if the plan succeeds, the real solution is the conciliation between the government and the tribes”.
We thank the family and ask for some photos of their house to display on the web side .

Abu Awsi family with his wife and three children, migrants from Dora (Assyrian area) transferred to (Karaj Amana) area, sharing a poor house with another family (one bedroom, and necessities).
Father said” We are suffering the very difficult life, nobody handed a real aid, everyplace in Baghdad is unsecured and danger everywhere. Going to work, school is a big problem, one might face a mined car, exposed to gunshot between US forces and gunmen, kidnapped and looted, who will secure our miserable life? Christians are weak, no secured life from government, US forces, neighboring states or tribes”

Q- This is a fact of our current life, what about migration and suffering?
“We were migrants like other families from Assyrian area in Dora, without receiving threats, leaving my shop for foodstuff, house and other properties.
The place was not proper to live, gunmen everywhere with many negative laws,
The church granted this small house for two families to live with”.

Q- After the situation improved, are you thinking to return home?
“This is a hard decision as the area is unsecured, I can not make safe for my family, fearing from sudden changes, many unsafe gaps, return is a risk, maybe I will be back with other families with complete security”.

We transferred to one of the churches organizing a relief center for migrants.
In our meeting with one of the workers we asked many questions :

Q- When this center found and aids granted?
“The center founded at the start of migration as an attempt by the church with its limited capabilities. Migrants are registered in our records, different aids granted as housing, food and money. We are still continuing work”.

Q- Re your records are there families who return home?
“I do not think , but I am not sure of the answer”.

Abu Shahad family including the wife, two daughters and sister escaped from Mosul city said:
“I was not migrated, but I came to Baghdad because of the unsafe and worse situation of Christians, I was a proprietor of a big house and rock factory, very good financial situation. I lost my work and now living in a small house. Life is miserable and getting worst, future is unknown, despite some aids but no real solution”.

Abu Sema family of five members, the wife and two sons, one is married and has a child migrants from Dora (Hay Al-Saha|) residing Mashtal area.
Abu Sema an employee in Dora refinery said ” We left the area without getting threat ,but for the unsafe situation and are living in our relative’s house.The place is 11.jpgsafe and quiet .Neighbors of Christian and Moslem residents granted aids and a cooperative committee organized by a church and a mosque to help migrants”.

Q-This is a good feeling of cooperation between Iraqis, will you return home?
“Situation in Hay Al-Saha is still unstable, no real solution for terrorism although gunmen disappear”.
Um Sema,his wife said ” Here we can go for shopping ,but in Dora most shops are closed and still confrontation between army and gunmen. Return is difficult”.

That was the end of my report hoping migrants return home very soon and safe and security back to all Baghdad areas.