Christian delegation visits leaders of faith in Syria September

The Daily Star
BEIRUT: A delegation of Christian clerics and officials held a meeting with key Christian religious leaders in Damascus, a statement from the Assembly of Eastern Christians said Tuesday.

Their visits to the three religious leaders were made following a visit to Syrian President Bashar Assad Monday, during which the delegation reiterated Christians’ support for dialogue and political reform in Syria.

According to the statement, the delegation visited Syriac Orthodox Patriarch in Syria Zakka Aiwas, Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignatios Hazim in Seidnaya, and Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorius Lahham III in Damascus.

“The delegation thanked the patriarchs for their support and stressed the importance of keeping Christians the champions of peace and reconciliation,” said the statement.

The visit to Damascus by the high-ranking Christian delegation took place in the midst of spreading pro-democracy demonstrations across Syria that have resulted in a nationwide duel between the regime and the people.

“The delegation also discussed with the patriarchs their preparations to establish a special observatory to follow Christian affairs in the region,” the statement noted.

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