Christian Council formation in Kirkuk

21.JPGOn the consequences of the initiative of the Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk , and post mutual meetings between apostolic churches :
Assyrian Al-Mashraq church, Catholicos eastern church, Syriac catholic church ,Syriac Orthodox church and the Armenian Orthodox church , a council was formed representing Christians in Kirkuk to unify general activities, addresses ,voices and visiting authorities.
The council is financially independent, out of interfering in the special ness of each church, not aiming to remove the activities of other councils and Christian parties.

Representing Christians in national occasions including cultural and social, strengthening mutual relations, interacting dialogues and understandings through a balanced address and organizing cultural and social activities.

Cleric and comprehensive nature, fronting Christians in Kirkuk and do not represent a particular party or politics but the deep-rooted apostolic churches, each of two members and a clergyman with high cultural, social and educational expertise.

To reach aims, committees are formed:

1-Educational: To organize cultural meetings for mutual living, dialogues and relations based on fraternity in cooperation with other activities in the city.
2-Social: Performing social activities to reinforce social links among Christians and between Christians and their brothers.
3-Media center: to compose appropriate address in the name of Christians for each event and activity ordering with other Christian activities.
4-The council will hold an ordinary meeting once per month with all its members and extraordinary meeting in need.
5- Election due to be held to elect council president and vice president, reporter and an accountant.

On 23-Feb-2008 the opening session was held attended by the representatives of Christian parties including, Assyrian democratic movement, Assyrian national union and Beth Nahrain union.

Media committee of the council