Christian citizen forcibly converted to Islam in the city of Mosul Have mercy on us and end our suffering from the rule and control of these killers and their daily humiliating us

  • Written by: – Younes Thanon – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
A Christian citizen in the city of Mosul cried loudly because he was forced by the militants of the Islamic State to convert to Islam. He asked those people of good conscience to end the control of the Islamic State on the city of Mosul.
Kh. A. said in a telephone conversation with the reporter of the site of that he was forced to convert to Muslim religion in order to stay in the city, he added, that was unable to leave the city because of his old age and living alone after the migration of most of his family outside Iraq.
He added the people of the city of Mosul are dying many times a day because of the fear from the militants of the Islamic Organization. The militants and those related to the Islamic State are continue to practice their fun and pleasure in humiliating and terrorising the citizen of the city in order to plunder their possessions and properties. He added, in spite of all that, the life is normal and the strikes of the coalition aircrafts have no effects on the largest number of the militants, they attend restaurants in Almajmoaa area that looks sparking at night, while the darkness covering most areas of the city due to shortages of power and electricity.
He also said that through his touring in the areas where Christians used to live, he found that all their houses have been invaded and their properties were stolen. The houses in the areas of Almajmoaa, Almuhandeseen, Althakafa, Alshurta, Babnurkal and Alaraby were occupied by people and families from the surrounding towns of Albaaj, Telafar, Hamaalile and Alshora. The Christian houses in these areas are considering one of the high-end areas in the city.
About his conversion to Islam, he confirmed that he was forced to repeat the two testimonies without conviction. He did that in order to stay in the city because of his inability to leave due to his infection of several chronic diseases as well as living alone and survive on the generosity of his neighbours who offer him foods and drinks.

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