Christian charity sends manifesto to politicians, wants help for persecuted Christians

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By Tola Mbakwe
Barnabus Fund, a relief agency which supports the persecuted church throughout the world, urged politicians to adopt policies to prevent genocide among persecuted Christians.
The manifesto was sent to each political party contesting the upcoming June 8th General Election.

The manifesto warns: “The next UK government should recognise that without specific urgent action now there is a very real danger that Christian communities will have ceased to exist in large parts of the Middle East by the time of the next general election in 2022.”

Martin Parsons, head of research at Barnabas Fund, said: “2017, the 500th anniversary of the reformation is the perfect time for a British government to recommit itself to religious freedom.”

“The threat of genocide and violence against Christians is not limited to the Middle East.

“Similar religious cleansing is also happening in places such as northern Nigeria and Somalia.

“Christians also experience persecution at the hands of Hindu extremists, and secularist states such as North Korea and Eritrea.”

Barnabas Fund listed a number of policies it wants lawmakers to put into action.

One proposal calls for the “UN Security Council and International Criminal Court to initiate a form investigation and prosecution of genocide and ensuring government aid and assistance reaches persecuted Christians”.

Another wants “urgent action to address under-representation of Syrian Christians among refugees referred by the UNHCR for resettlement in the UK”.

The charity also stated that it wants “politicians to recognise pressures on Christians in the public sector to affirm beliefs contrary to traditional faith.”