Christian Beheads Jihadist: Syriac Christian Fighter Beheads Jihadist Out of Revenge in Syria

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Francisco BravoMay
Christian Beheads Jihadist – In the northeast of Syria, a Christian fighter of Syriac confession beheaded this week a jihadist of Islamic state group.
A fighter of Syriac confession beheaded this week in the northeast of Syria a jihadist of Islamic State Group (ISIS), reported on Friday an NGO.

According to Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) the “jihadist got lost in Tall Chamiram, one of the Christian communities” in the province of Hasaka, stormed by the self-proclaimed Islamic state since last February.
A form of revenge

The beheading was done as a revenge for the group’s atrocities in the region. “When the jihadist identified himself as a member of ISIS, the Syriac fighter beheaded him in revenge of the group’s abuses in this region”, explained Rami Abdel Rahman, who relies on a wide network of civilian sources, medical and military through Syria.

In recent days, ISIS has almost entirely been out driven of 14 villages that it held since February 23, mainly due to air raids of the anti-jihadist coalition led by the United States. At the same time, the organization has still made some progress by seizing Palmyra, a strategic city in quest to reach the Syrian Capital.

ISIS, ultra-radical group that advocates an extreme interpretation of Islam, carries out beheadings almost daily in the territories that it controls in Syria and Iraq.

Despite, the coalition put in place by the United States to fight the group, ISIS continues its advance in Syria as well as in Iraq, but also in Libya.

This week, the jihadist organization took control of the Sirte airport in Libya after the withdrawal Thursday night of the militias that have been fighting the group sincee April . Mohammed Al-Shami, an official close to the militias announced the news on Friday.

The air base of Al-Qardabiya, where the Sirte International Airport is located, became the first airport taken by EI since the ultraradical group is active in Libya. Established in the country since last year, there jihadist organization has claimed responsibility for the beheading in February of twenty-one Coptic Christians, mostly Egyptians, and twenty-eight African Christians. Suicide attacks are also claimed periodically.