Chief of Canterbury Archbishops Describes Syria as a Living Example of Fraternal Coexistence

Chief of Canterbury Archbishops , Rowan Williams , has described Syria as a wonderful living example of fraternal coexistence among all citizens , a proof of human dignity and respect.
Over alIftar banquet held by, Mofti of the Syrian Republic, Ahmad Badruddin Hassoun ,Williams said that what he had touched and seen of traditions in Syria supported the beautiful idea he got that Syrian society takes care of human heart, mind and soul.
For his part, Hassoun said that Syria is a blessed land that witnessed the radiation of heavenly messages , and Syria is committed to the call for dialogue in the interests of all humanity.
Patriarch of Antioc and All the East for Syriac Orthodox, Patriarch Agnatius IV Hazim , indicated that Syria is the land of amity and peace where its citizens have been living since early history as brothers and a an example to follow.
Director General of the Kiftaro Academy , Salahuddin Kiftaro, made a review of his academy’s role in taking care of orphans and teaching the tolerant message of Islam for students from over 60 nationalities.