Chief Joseph Carried the Star of Ashur

By Benjamin Daniali
Chief Joseph’s Assyrian Flag InsiginiaOnce again, Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain, Chief Joseph amazes us with one of his belongings, and this time, it is not Chief Joseph’s Assyrian cuneiform tablet, but the Star of Ashur insignia he amazingly carried on his bag. [Figure 1]

I recently came across two pictures of Chief Joseph that clearly display the Start of Ashur. [Figure 2] The Star of Ashur is the sacred insignia people of Mesopotamia carried during their long history. The insignia, today, it could be found on the Assyrian National Flag. [Figure 3]

Chief Joseph, the honorable leader of Nez Perce American Indian tribe, after a long bloody battle with the American army, he surrounded in 1877. In his medicine bag, the army found an Assyrian cuneiform tablet dated back to 2042 B.C. The cuneiform was the first cuneiform found in America, and it reads:

“Nalu received 1 lamb from Abbashaga on the 11th day of the month of the festival of An, in the year Enmahgalanna was installed as high priestess of Nanna”

Mary Gindling of History Mysteries writes:

“The chief said that the tablet had been passed down in his family for many generations, and that they had inherited it from their white ancestors. Chief Joseph said that white men had come among his ancestors long ago, and had taught his people many things. His story echoes those told by Native Americans in both North and South America about white culture bringers. But in this case, Joseph had a souvenir to demonstrate the truth of his story.”

Could it be that chief had another souvenir from the past to prove his story? Considering the uniqueness of the insignia and the significance of the other Assyrian objects found in America published in A Common History of Assyrians and Native Americans, we have no doubt that the people of Assyria met with the American Indians in the past.


Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain (Chief Joseph)

The Star of Ashur

Assyrian National Flag