Chicago police disperse large church service as part of COVID-19 ‘stay-at-home’ enforcement

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Monday, March 30, 2020 4:35AMCHICAGO (WLS) — In an effort to enforce social distancing guidelines, Chicago police had to disperse a church service involving a large group on the Far North Side Sunday.

Officers said they observed between 40 to 60 people attending a funeral at Saint Odisho Assyrian Church in the 6200 block of North Pulaski shortly before 9 a.m.

In consideration of Illinois’ current “stay-at-home” order, Chicago police said officers expedited the completion of the funeral and dispersed the crowd.

“This is sincerely the last thing we want to do but public health during this climate is vastly important for everyone,” the department said in a statement.

Officers didn’t issue any citations or make any arrests in the incident, police said.