Charity walk in Richmond Park, organised by ICIN

image0013.jpgA charity walk is being organised in Richmond Park
on August bank Holiday (Monday the 25th of August),
in order to raise funds for the displaced Christians of Iraq.

The walk will start at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park and then
it will follow a picturesque river path to Richmond Town Centre
and up few steps to Richmond Hill, then back to Pembroke lodge,
where one can enjoy a picnic and the natural beauty of the park.

The meeting will be at 09:30 in front of Pembroke Lodge car park.
Walking will start in groups from 10:00am and will take approx 2 hours.
The route is easy to follow and will end where it started in a spot close to the Car park near Pembroke Lodge.

For those who are not coming by car the closest station is Richmond.
ICIN can organise transport to and from Richmond Station,
if you contact us in advance

As well as being a great day out this is a fundraising event.
More information from the website: