Charbel follows up nationality withdrawal from Syriac families in Zahle

marwan_charbel11.jpgMarwan Charbel
Minister of Interior and Municipalities Marwan Charbel followed up on Monday the withdrawal of nationality from 25 Syriac families in Zahle during his meeting with the Syriac league’s secretary general Joe Aswad.

The Syriac community which felt cheated by this decision raised this subject to the Interior Minister, discussing with him means to go back on this unjust decision which brings harm to many Syriac families.

Aswad confirmed that his community will not remain silent over this injustice, assuring that it will claim its rights back through pacific and legal measures as per the constitution.

“Syriac people are an integral part of Lebanon. They have been fulfilling their duties appropriately in the country they belong to,” he said.

Minister Charbel for his part uttered readiness and understanding to the party’s worries, assuring that Syriacs are to be exempt from all sorts of injustice.

“This is a legal affair that can only be solved by the law,” Charbel added.