Chaldeans Urge U.S. Officials to Help Iraqi Christians

image0012.jpgWashington DC, June 10, 2010
In the U.S. Capital Washington DC, for three days starting from June 7, 2010 leaders from the Chaldean Federation of America (CFA) and the Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services (C-MSS) met with several U.S. officials and their representatives urging them to provide quick assistance to Christians in and outside Iraq and to refugee arrivals in the U.S. The following issues were thoroughly discussed:
• To push for the enhancement of U.S. Refugee Admission Program and to provide more services by U.S. Resettlement Agencies for Iraqi Refugees,
• To promote the Chaldean Community engagement with the White House Communities Outreach programs and initiatives,
• To appeal for the cessation of deportation proceedings for Iraqis who lost immigration status in the U.S. Reasons argued: the horrendous country (Iraq) conditions and on humanitarian grounds.
Members of the delegation met with Mr. Darron Paul Monteiro, Associate Director, White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, to inform him on the plight of Iraqi Christians and to seek assistance.
Also, the Chaldean delegation participated in a two-day National Consultation Conference held by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in order to learn more on how to strategize and to provide better services for Iraqi refugees.
Separately, the delegation met with the Honorable Samir Sumaidaie, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Iraq and staff. Discussion focused on services provided by the Iraqi consulates in the U.S. and how Iraqi documents are issued for Iraqi citizens.
The Chaldean delegation was represented by: Joseph T. Kassab, CFA Executive Director, Zina Asmar-Salem, Ph.D., CEO and Basma Coda, COO of CMSS