Chaldean Youth Day (CYD-2008) is Sunday, August 17!

cyd-20082.jpgHundreds of Chaldean young adults will converge on Camp Chaldean for a day of fun, food, and festivities. Hang-out. Chill. Picnic. Play. This event is free for those 35 and under. Anyone over 35 the cost is $45,000 per person.

This is a non-alcoholic camp. Bring your own lawn chairs. Bring food coolers if you like. Food and beverages will be available. Games. Competitions. Prizes. Boat Races. Water-balloon wars. Tug-A-war. Sports. Bring your own BALLS. Best of all bring some biceps, brains, and bounce.

The event is sponsored by the St. George Chaldean Camp Council in partnership with Chaldean youth groups, which include but are not limited to, the Chaldean Church Sports League, Chaldean Teens Coming Together, Chaldean Youth Bible Study, Chaldean Loving Christ, Jesus Christ University, Chaldean American Professionals, Chaldean Football League, Chaldean Basketball League, Chaldean Hockey League, Chaldean American Student Association, and Chaldean Church Youth Choirs.

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