Chaldean council demands fair representation

Chaldean council demands fair representation
BEIRUT, Lebanon: The High Council for the Chaldean Church in Lebanon demanded Sunday that the electoral law in the making secures a fair representation for all Christian minorities in Parliament.

“The Chaldean sector is one of the 18 sects that form the Lebanese social fabric and its members have contributed like other sects in reinforcing the country’s economy and participating in activities that further enhanced Lebanon’s regional and international role,” said a statement issued by the council.

Chaldean, Protestant, Copt, Assyrian, Catholic Syriac, Orthodox Syriac and Latin sects are all represented by a single seat in Parliament, according to the 1960 electoral law.

The Chaldean council demanded that each Christian minority be represented by one seat in Parliament, expressing deep sorrow over “the statements of several MPs who asked that only two Christian minority sects be represented in Parliament by two seats thus depriving the remaining sects of this right.

The council also warned against “adopting such a proposal as this would inflict a deep wound and set a dangerous precedent in democratic societies.”

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