Chaldean community bridging the gap

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Increasingly, newly arrived refugees are being required to navigate online forms in English for services crucial to their everyday life, such as online banking and Centrelink.
The Chaldean League of NSW identified a need to support newly arrived refugees to develop skills, knowledge and confidence to navigate technology in English.

Raghda Aziz, who fled persecution from Iraq with her family in 2011, never used technology in her home country.

Understanding the struggles and the devastating impact a simple immigration form can have for a refugee, with the Chaldean League of NSW she set her sights on applying for the Community Innovation Fund to teach technology classes to newly arrived refugees.

“I said to myself I’m going to learn everything, do my best to help new refugees when they arrive and volunteer my time to help people build technology skills,” said Ms Aziz.

The aim of the classes is to increase participants’ skills in using personal devices, computer accessories and programs, navigating Internet browsers, email accounts and social media, and basic document usage. The classes focus on advanced English language skills in a technology context and within a safe and trusting environment.

The second round of Community Innovation Fund applications opens July 25, 2018, and closes August 20.

Recipients receive support when they’ve been funded to implement their project through coaching and mentoring from SSI. Local service providers and other funded bodies are not eligible to apply.

To find out how to apply for the second round, visit /media release
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