Chaldean Church: Time for justice to minorities!

NNA – In a statement by Chaldean Church higher council on Sunday, it indicated that the Chaldean Sect in Lebanon is one of the 18 Sects that form the unique fabric that covers the lands of Lebanon. It added that the Chaldean Sect has contributed, as all other spiritual Sects, to the Country’s economic growth and livelihood; thus, becoming an inseparable part of this nation.

The statement went on to disclose that in near past, higher authorities representing the Chaldean Church paid visits to President of the Republic, House Speaker and Prime Minister, shedding light on the need to ensure proper and fair representation of all Lebanese Sects at the House of Parliament. Accordingly, it indicated that the Chaldean Church’s higher council in Lebanon calls for justice to all minority sects in Lebanon, through providing them with proper representation at the Parliament Council; namely in ensuring that each Sect would be represented by one Member of Parliament.

The statement reminded, herein, that the Lebanese National Consensus stipulates that all constituents of the Lebanese community, with all its sects and confessions, ought to be respected and fairly represented in Parliament.