Chaldean American Jack Seman remembered as a peace activist

DEARBORN HEIGHTS-Jack Seman, a member of the Chaldean Catholic community who used to participate in many interfaith and weekly religious services at the Islamic House of Wisdom here (IHW) passed away Dec. 5 peacefully surrounded by family and friends. Seman was born in 1935.

Imam Elahi of the IHW addressed Seman’s family and friends at a funeral service for the peace activist. Imam Elahi says he admired Seman’s passion for peace, justice and truth.

Seman’s generosity, love, courage and the sacrifices he made for the sake of unity and cooperation between Muslim, Christian and other religious communities was praised by Imam Elahi.

Seman’s family participated in an interfaith gathering at the IHW last Tuesday and expressed great appreciation to members of the Muslim community for the support and solidarity they showed following Seman’s passing.

During the IHW’s last fundraising dinner Seman was presented with a plaque for his work in trying to help bridge the gap between different religious communities. Seman made visits to the IHW often to promote interfaith unity. He also would attend Friday prayer at the IHW to listen to Imam Elahi’s lectures.

He always promoted his belief that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have a lot in common, and members of all communities should work more closely together to promote peaceful dialogue.

He was also involved in many religious and civic organizations. Seman was born in Iraq, and left the country in 1955. He worked several jobs and owned his own businesses. Before passing away he was retired. He had seven daughters and one son. To send condolences to Seman’s family visit the Facebook page, Condolences to the Family of Jack Seman.

Photo caption: People packed the St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Church on Dec. 7 for a funeral service honoring the life of Seman.