Car bomb explodes in Bartella Exclusive

The sources of site in Bartella town reported that a car bomb exploded before short time today, the 4th of January 2010, near the town market.
The sources added, a car of the type Mazda exploded 15 minutes ago in the field of electricity generator near the vegetable market in Bartella.
The sources indicated that the blast occurred at noon time where the region was nearly vacant from citizens, as it did not cause any casualties except for minor injuries suffered by few citizens near the place of explosion.
In the last toll of Bartella car bomb blast, more than 10 people injured 5 of them transferred to hospital while the other injuries were light to medium cases.
The explosion occurred in an area near to the church of Saint George by about 75 meters on one side, 50 meters from the headquarter of Syriac Council and near the vegetable market from the third side.
The damages of the materials and properties were very large, it hurts dozens of houses and shops belong to the people of the town, but no one was killed.