Called to stop deportation of Iraqi Christians Patriarch Yousif III Yonan meet with officials from the Department of Immigration and visit the ancient church of Uppsala – Stockholm – Uppsala/Harith
Among his activities in Sweden which he had arrived on Tuesday, 18th of May, His Eminence the Patriarch Yousif III Yonan Met on Wednesday, 19th of May, a high-level delegation from the department of the Swedish Immigration Office. His Eminence asked them to stop the expulsion and deportation against Iraqi Christians, also visited the ancient church of Uppsala, which is the largest in Sweden.
  His Eminence, together with the Bishop Mekhaeel Jameel, Father Idrease and the representative of the caritas, met a delegation from the Swedish Immigration Office that included the department director and a number of his assistants.
  His Eminence explained the difficult situations Christians face in Iraq, mentioning many terrorist operations that targeted them, citing the recent attack on Baghdeeda buses that carrying the students to the University of Mosul, as well as other cases. In the meeting, which last for about an hour, his Eminence the Patriarch asked the Immigration Service to stop the expulsions and deportations carried out against the Christians. The Immigration Officials promised to give serious consideration to the issues of the Christians.
  In another activity, the Patriarch visited the city of Uppsala and the ancient church there, which is the largest church in Sweden, and met the Bishop and a number of Sweden Alkrilos.
  His Eminence the Patriarch was accompanied by his Grace Bishop Mekhaeel Jameel, Apostolic visitor in Europe, a number of priests and the organizing committee for the visit.
  The discussion has focused on the condition of the Iraqi Christians. The Bishop of Sweden expressed full sympathy with our people knowing that they are experiencing the difficulties. He also confirmed that he has made many movements during the last period in support for this issue.