To the World Public Opinion and Media Organisations
The policies of harassment and oppression continue systematically against Christians in
Syria and in Middle East region. Syriac-Assyrian-Aramean-Chaldean people has been
target of annihilation and reactionary policies and arrived to the point of disappearance
and with demographic changes become victim of statelessness.
Syriac-Assyrian-Aramean-Chaldean people presence in Iran and Turkey decreased
tragically; in these two countries the population amount is under 50.000. Consequently
to the First and Second Gulf Wars hundred of thousands families fled their countries. Also
during the Lebanon Civil War thousands of families migrated to the European countries,
to USA and Australia. Due to the mass exodus of the people, most of the residential
areas had been abandoned; their properties and goods had been seized, cultural and
historical richness had been demolished.
Today, the same scenario and tragedy is repeated in Syria. The déjà vu is happening now
in Syria. The threats and oppressions increase constantly against our people in Syria. The
uprising against the regime, which started in March 2011, is widened to the entire of
Syria. During this period the Baath regime killed thousands of civilians, among them
women and children, as well as thousands had been injured and arrested. Furthermore,
ten of thousands fled their country. The damage on the societal structure is colossal and
at a very important stage. Due to the lack of transparency the Baath regime disguise
most of the atrocities. Syriac-Melkites-Maronites Christians are also victim of this regime.
During the barbaric attack of Syria Special Forces to the members of Syriac Union Party
in April 2012 several people had been injured and later had been arrested and tortured.
The real face of Baath regime was seen once more time with this incident against Syriac
people. Syriac people are deprived from all political rights and Baath regime
demonstrates clearly its mentality against Syriac people by applying its assimilative
policies. Therefore, Syriac-Melkites-Maronites-Assyrian people in Syria are against the
Baath regime. Supporting the Baath regime is accepting the guillotine and at the same
time it is committing a great offence. To avoid the scenario of Iraq for Christians in Syria
and in other Middle East countries, the international community must take action
necessary precautions rapidly. At the same time the national and international media
institutions have vital and historical role to cover the realities to avoid bigger tragedies.
We kindly invite all regional and international powers, actors, non-governmental
organisations, world intelligentsia and media institutions to stay sensible to the issue of
peoples and Christians who continue to live under dictatorial regimes. Additionally, we
call also to the Syrian oppositions to work effectively and in concert to stop the
massacres against all Syrian society components. Our call also goes to the supporters of
free and democratic future to join us with Syriac and Syrian people altogether.
European Syriac Union, ESU organises a demonstration in Brussels with the objective
to support the rights of Syriac people and all Syrian people who suffered from Baath
regime. We invite all Syrian peoples and friends to our demonstration to show our
solidarity and union.
Date of the Maifestation: 09.06.2012
Time: 13:00
Adresse: Square Orban
Rue de l’Industrie
1000 Brussels