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I must congratulate you and your organization for your tremendous extra work and energy toward whatever you are doing regarding the Middle East Christians and Christianity at large. I have been trying also to write letters to who’s who from Patriarchs and Bishops to Middle East political and community leaders and community organizations. But most importantly, I have asked the Middle East Christian leadership to organize and have one platform, one spokesperson, and one public relations to propagate our cause, as you and I have been trying to do in the absence of such.

I am going to be candid to you, as I have been in the past and as I lay my frustration in watching the world go by and getting involved with its individual problems while the Middle East Christians and Christianity are being left on the back-burner. All your energy and mine as individuals or individual organizations is only limited in its reaction from the other side or other countries. I am not really sure why, even in this real crisis of our existence, while we are subjected to every kind of abuse, including annihilation of our community in the Middle East, that such things cannot happen. Is it our culture, the politics of religion, or self-interest? I am not really sure. Whatever is the reason, this should not happen during this critical time.

As you know, there are tens of conferences and meetings going on around the world regarding the Middle East Christians’ dilemma. Unfortunately, it is always attended by one patriarch or one organization. This is another example of a failure, in my opinion. We need more than one to attend, or a combination of church leadership and community leadership to speak on our behalf. This is just an example. We must work hand-in-hand. Our adversaries, enemies, and friends know this. It is our weakness. Such weakness will not bid well for our community.

You and I are not shy to speak our minds in what we believe in is right to the best of our experience and ability. I think we must take a first step to link all our organizations in disseminating information in order to spread it all over the world and do our part to persuade our church leadership and other community organizations to work together with one platform. That is what our Lord Jesus Christ did after His resurrection when His disciples were dispersed after His crucifixion. He brought them together to have one message and spread it. This is a basic message that we should at least be able to imitate and pursue.

I was very impressed by a collective Easter message of the heads of the churches of Jerusalem (see below). We need more of this. We also need every head or leader to disseminate information about every meeting regarding the Middle East Christians. If we are not able to attend, then we may be able to send letters to the organizers and organizations.

I have always cherished your workmanship, leadership, and friendship. May you, wherever you are, whether in the Middle East or in diaspora, help us in this endeavor to preserve the Middle East Christians and Christianity. Without this, I do not believe we will be effective, except in sending protests after protests after protests.

I am looking forward for your opinion either in Arabic or English.

May God save, protect, and bring comfort to our Christians in the Middle East and in diaspora.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Ramsay F. Dass, MD
President, American Middle East Christians Congress /
Office: (248) 546-9100
Cell: (248) 763-6006

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