Call for mass demonstrations and the dismissal of the government to shut down Al Jazeera

Student writer, journalist Samuel Ashay government to provide Ostqalha the that you can not close the Al-Jazeera, which broadcast information materials caused the streets of fighting between some citizens and caused bloodshed Egyptians.

Ashay threatened mass demonstrations to pressure the government to shut down the channel that caused the Egyptian fabric tearing because of the lies and fabrications and toxins that broadcast all over the place and trying to excite foreign countries on the Egyptian people to re-insulated President Mohamed Morsi to rule.

And Ashay student in the program, “A New Day” on the channel Nile Cultural provided by the announcer Semites Qassed that in case of lack of response from the minister Doria Sharaf al-Din and Information Minister closure of Al-Jazeera she has to tell the people that the government is not able to close the channel and the Egyptian people will turn.