By photos: ISIS destroyed the cross of St George (Mar Georgis) monastery in Mosul and transferred it to a prison for its opponents

  • Written by: – Younes Thanon sources in Mosul said that militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) destroyed the cross of St George monastery in the city of Mosul.
A number of people from nearby houses to the monastery said in their remarks to our correspondence that militants from ISIS have, since the beginning of this week, brought nearly 150 people blindfolded and detained them inside the monastery.
The sources added the detainees were opponents to the Islamic State and former security forces who arrested and detained in Badush prison before destroying it. The detainees were transferred to different churches and monastery in the city.
The monastery of St George, as mentioned in the Ecclesiastical history, was originally a private church for a village called Baawerah (the crossing). The transfer of the village from its old place, where currently the monastery standing, to the bank of the River Tigris who change its course to the west, left the church isolate, and so its ignored gradually. The history of the establishment of this church is unknown, but reliable sources of its existence dated back to the mid-tenth century. The current monastery was first mentioned in a manuscript dated to the year of 1691 and was preserved in the Lady Monastery for Chaldean Monks.

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