By a difference of a single vote Swedish parliament recognizes the crimes of genocide against our people (Sipho) – Stockholm – Exclusive

After hot debate and by the difference of only one vote, the Swedish parliament passed this afternoon, Thursday 11 March, the crime committed against our people from Chaldean Assyrian Syriac, Armenians and Albontien Greece (Sipho) that occurred in 1915 as crimes of “genocide”.
  The resolution received the support of 131 parliament members against 130 opposing it. The left-wing Parties, the Environment and the Social Democrats stood firmly with the resolution, while it was opposed by the same strength by the ruling conservative Party. The other ruling Parties (the People, Christian Democrats and the Medium) said that they are with the recognition of such crimes without the need to issue a “decision” and they added, it is a task to be carried out by historians and jurists, as well as it will affect Turkey’s accession to EU countries, which sought by Turkey for several years, and affect the relations between Turkey and Sweden.
  The parliament member from the Social Democrat Party, Yelmas Kremo, who is one of the sons of our people, has been active in provision and has been taking to recall the tragedies suffered by our people in that period of time. Also, other parliament members contributed to the activation of this subject.
  Kremo, in his talk to the site of express the joy of the decision, calling the day “historic” and as a big victory for our people and our community in Sweden. He thanked all that supported the efforts and supported the resolution presented and voted for.
  Kremo said that the Swedish parliament is the first global European parliamentary recognizes the decision, which includes a Chaldean Assyrian Syriac, Armenians and Albontien, since those crimes have been recognized previously in France and the United State, but only on behalf of the Armenians. Kremo related the reason for the success of the parliament in approving the decision this time to the collective support came up with the latest conference held by the Social Democratic Party as well as the influence of the activists in activating it on a number of other Swedish party members, who are supporters of our people issues.
  Representatives and supporters who spoke enthusiastically about the subject, in addition to Kremo, are, Coughlan Ouji from the People Party, although her party runs against the resolution, Hans Lendy and Amina Kaka from the Left-Wing Party, Karena Haik and Nikos Pabadoplas from the Social Party, in addition to Mahmad Kaplan from the Environment Party and a number of other parliamentarians.
  The meeting was attended by nearly 400 audiences from the sons of our people who met the resolution and the talks of the parliament members backing it with great applause. On the other hand, the Turkish site represented by about 25 persons mostly employees of the consulate and the Turkish Embassy.
  It is expected that our people living across Sweden will celebrate this occasion in the different parts of the country.