Burning store for selling alcoholic beverages in Derlok

Ankawa.com – Derlok – Revan Al-Hakeem
A reliable source reported to the site of Ankawa.com, in the town of Derlok in the province of Dohuk, that unidentified people burned a store for selling alcoholic beverages. The store belongs to one of the Christian citizen living in the area.
  The shop owner Morris Yousif Nona said through a telephone call with the site of Ankawa.com, “that he closed the store at 11 pm on Thursday, the 16th of April 2010, and returned to his house. He added, the next morning police forces and Assaesh called his brother and asked us to go to the store because of the smoke coming out of it. He said, once we go there we found the locks were broken and the smoke billowing from under the door of the shop, and when we opened the door everything was inside the shop had burned down, leaving only smoke.
  Yousif said, he lost everything in the shop and estimated the loss of the goods worth more than $25,000 (25 thousands dollar). He said the police forces and the Assaesh are witness to my words. He made a complaint to the district chief, the police and the Assaesh in a hope to get some compensation for the serious harm that affected him.
  Yousif added this is not the first time that stores selling alcoholic beverages in Derlok exposed to attack, where the region is witnessing subversion acts once in a while. He also said, that himself and his colleague’s owners of stores that sell alcoholic beverages going to complain to the highest authorities to provide security for them and their shops, especially because they live in the region of Kurdistan that known of its stable security.
  Derlok is a town belongs to Amadiyah district in the province of Dohuk in Kurdistan region, where different nationalities live together.