“Britain’s position is indefensible.

We have the scandal of a nation that has helped create the refugees then turn its back on them when they need help. We have a moral duty to help and we have refused to do so. We should be ashamed.” Lord Norman Fowler Feb 2009

“The British Government must accept responsibility for their foreign Policy failures in Iraq show compassion by accepting Iraqi Christians to this country urgently” Saad Tokatly January 2010

Dear Friends
In the light of a new round of killings of Christans in Mosul last week, we respectfully request you to consider signing this Early Day Motion in the House of Commons below ( motion number 883 on a Safer Haven) if you are an MP, or to request that your MP signs.
  We also urge you to tackle the Prime Minister an Foreign Secretary on their Pontius Pilate impersonations over this issue .
  Christians are now suffering in Iraq as a direct consequence of past policies of UK governments. The British mandate which created modern Iraq ensured that Iraqi Christians were dispersed and vulnerable, leading to the terrible Simel masssacre of 1934. Ever since, Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriacs have never been completely safe in their ancestral homeland.The 2003 war instigated by the US and the UK ensured that the country is more dangerous than ever , with over 2000 Christians killed , mainly by Islamic extremists since the war,. Britain now seems happy to wash her hands of her wrongdoings and to allow the Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriacs to reap the bloody consequences. She opposes any plan for a safe haven for Christians, but is unwilling to present any alternative plan. The door is firmly closed to Christian refugees, even though the government agreed to take 500 Iraqi refugees in 2008..There is no sign that this committment has been honoured As the UK opposes a Safe Haven for Christians in Iraq, Britain herself must become the Safe Haven

That this House recognises the 250,000 victims of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915; further recognises that promises of Assyrian statehood autonomy made during the First World War were not honoured; further recognises that the Assyrian people also suffered persecution in 1933 in Iraq; and calls on the Government to make representations to the Iraqi and Turkish governments with the aim of ensuring a safe haven for Assyrian Christians, or otherwise to consider the other option of resettlement whereby the UK and other EU member states would become part of the safe haven.