Breaking News: Three days after he was kidnapped in Kirkuk, the citizen Ashor Jacob Issa found slaughtered – Kirkuk – Exclusive
The Deputy Director of Kirkuk police, Major General Terhan Abdul Rehman, revealed to the site of that the citizen Ashor Jacob Issa who had been kidnapped, Friday evening, was found slaughtered on Monday.
Abdul Rehman said the police forces in Kirkuk found the body of Ashor discarded after slaughtered near the fourth bridge area in Kirkuk.
The kidnappers had contacted Ashor family (Construction worker) after the day of his abduction and demanded a ransom of 100,000 dollars. It was not possible for Ankawa site to know whether a ransom was paid or not.
Photographs exclusively to the site of revealed the exposure of the victim to a brutally torture before slaughter.
The site received special pictures revealed the brutal torture in which the victim Ashor experienced before the abductors slaughtered him and discarded him in the fourth bridge area in Kirkuk. The sources of said that brutal methods of torture were performed on Ashor before slaughter him. The kidnappers cut off his ears, uprooting his eyes, strip the skin of his face and then slaughtered him by separating the head from the body, almost entirely.
Due to the cruelly pictures of the victim, advise those who are under the legal age or ill people not to look at these pictures. site refused the publishing of any more pictures for the horror tortured body of the victim.