Breaking news: The militants of the Islamic State (ISIL) blow up the Victory Monastery of the young nuns of Jesus Heart in Alaraby neighbourhood in Mosul

  • Written by: – Mosul Exclusive – Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq
The site of received information from its own sources in the city of Mosul, specifically in Alaraby neighbourhood, that the militants of ISIL blew up the Victory Monastery of the young nuns located opposite to the monastery of St. Georgis. According to our sources, the ISIL militants were taking this monastery as a base for their cars, fighters and used to reside there permanently. Today, they suddenly blew up the monastery by planting explosive devices inside and under its bases resulting in a complete destruction. The residents in the area around the place were opened the windows of the houses to reduce the impact of the explosion storm power. Only materials damages occurred but there were no casualties or injuries as a result of the explosion.
The monastery was inhabited by the nuns of the Sacred Heart girls that follow the Chaldean dioceses of Mosul. This monastery was built by the Iraqi government in 1984 and the nuns in the Covent sponsored elderly women and those with special needs.
The monastery of St Georgis is still standing without any damages and the reports about its blown up was inaccurate. The monastery of the nuns of the Sacred Heart girls was the one who intended to blown up by the terrorist militants.

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