Breaking news: The liberation of the villages of Teluskof, Bakofa, Bateria, Khatra and Babirah from the hands of ISIL (Daash)
According to our sources in the Nineveh Plain, ISIL (Daash) forces fled from the villages Bakofa and Bateria while the Peshmerga forces advanced towards Telkeaf.
The sources confirmed that the Arab residents who remained in Telkeaf have fled the entire town heading toward Mosul and other areas.

The news agency of Yamnear said that Kurdish forces control on the entire towns of Bakofa, Teluskof, Khatra and Babirah in addition to the barrier intersection of Mosul. The agency mentioned that the progress of the Peshmerga forces was aided by US air strikes with continuous bombing.

The agency added that the militants of ISIL have planted a large number of explosive containers in the streets of the town of Teluskof and the Peshmerga working to diffuse them.
It is reported that at the surrounding of Telkeaf there is significant progress of the Peshmerga forces in an attempt to restore the town too, after the fled of the volunteers Sunni Arabs from neighboring villages to the town and are fleeing toward the center of the city of Mosul after they threw down their weapons.

After receiving painful blows following the air strikes, and after the heavy bombardment by Peshmerga forces, the militants of ISIL forced to withdraw from most of their positions. Around the axis of Nawar and Ba’shiqah, ISIL forces left behind their flags and the sniping sites which were stationed above the tops of the hills, Mountains and rooftops, in Ba’shiqah and Noran.

Their cars have been seen retreating towards the Shabak villages that belong to town of Ba’shiqah and from there to al-Tahrir neighborhood in Mosul. At the meantime columns of smoke was seen rising from the center of Ba’shiqah during this afternoon, without knowing the source of the fire.