Breaking news: Christian family arrived Kirkuk after being hiding in Sinjar for several months

  • Written by: – Kirkuk – Emad Matty
On Monday, 12th of December 2014, a Christian family of 10 people coming from Sinjar and arrived Kirkuk. The members of this family were hidden and lived in their home in Sinjar since the fall of the city by the terrorist militants of the Islamic State.
After the recent fighting in Sinjar and because of the heavy shelling on the city, the family fled toward the city of Mosul. The militants of ISIS arrested all its members at the entrance of the city and sent them to the Sharia court in order to convert them to Islam. However, all the family members refused to abandon their religion and therefore the terrorist of ISIS expelled them from the city of Mosul, except two men of them were detained and transferred elsewhere.
The family in its report to the corresponded of the site of said that their way from Mosul to Kirkuk was very difficult and it took several days. They took the road through the town of Hamam Alalil, then to Al-Hawiga and from there to Kirkuk through the check point of Alkhaled that located 30 km west of the city.
The family remained several days at the check point at 30 km west of Kirkuk until they obtained the approval for their entry to the city, and this was accelerated by the intervention of Bishop Yousif Toma, head of the diocese of Kirkuk.
Emad Matty, correspondence, received the family on Monday afternoon (yesterday) at Alkhaled check point.
The members of the arrived family are:
1-Ghosun Butros Malko
2-Sidera Dawood Hanna
3-Sarah Dawood Hanna
4-Abood Dawood Hanna
5-Butros Malko Saeed
6-Sarah Malky Hanna
7-Ghada Butros Malko
8-Shatha Butros Malko
9-Maysoon Butros Malko
10-Micheal Abdul Maseeh Hanna
The other two men detained by the militants of ISIS
1-Dawood Hanna
2-Saad Butros Malko

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