Breaking news: by pictures, new details about the death in Dohuk of the young Christian man who was one of the displaced people from the town of Telkeaf

  • Written by: – Dohuk – Nasim Sadiq
Translated by Rashwan Issam Al-Daqaq

The last Saturday (13th June 2015) death of the displaced young Christian man from the town of Telkeaf, and in the village of Jellak near the village hall, had occurred under mysterious circumstances.
The sources of reported a collection of photos taken for the place of the accident. The pictures showing the remains of the burned herbs that were covering the empty space near the village hall. This hall is now representing a home for a number of displaced Christian families.
The pictures also showed a hole and cracks in the wall which believed according to preliminary estimates of the causes of the incident, as reported by a number of residents in the area, to be due to a rebound of a gunshot that launched from unknown source. The gunshot believed to be fired from a distance of more than 10 meters toward a group of young people who were standing near the village hall beside a barrel that appeared in the pictures. The rebound gunshot hit only the deceased at his head and seriously wounded him. The preliminary investigations ruled out the cause of the incident as a result of landmine explosion.
Our sources said that the local police conducted preliminary investigations at the scene and is intending to continue a second round of investigation to get precise results. The investigation is still going on. sources added that the funeral ceremony and the church mass for the displaced people were carried out on Sunday morning (14th June 2015) at the Eastern Assyrian Church Mar Moshe in the village of Jellak and the deceased was buried in the cemetery of the village amid the gathering of the villagers and the displaced people who are living there.
It is noteworthy that the deceased Youkhana Muner Youkhana (15 years old) from the town of Telkeaf has died yesterday (Saturday 13th June 2015) in the village of Jellak, located 100 km to north of the city of Dohuk, during an accident in which till now different news were reported about its reasons.
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