Bomb exploded inside a Christian house in Baghdad! Persecution of Christians continuing in Alameria and Hai-Aljameea district!! Bagdad
Despite of promises from the Iraqi government to protect Christians in some suburbs of Baghdad, and stop the terrorist from scattering them everywhere, Christian persecution is still on rise.
Criminal attacks are lead by terrorists against Christians in Mosul, Baghdad, as well as other cities in Iraq. received news from a known source in Baghdad, that attacks are still forcefully being led on Christians in Baghdad, scattering them everywhere. In last several days Al-Ameria and Hai-Al-Jameea suburbs has also become a target.
The source added that two Christian’s families in Al-Ameria suburb refused to leave their houses; as a consequence the terrorists planted a bomb inside of the garden of one of the houses, causing a huge damage to the house. Thankfully however, no injuries were reported. The family has now been forced to leave the house and were taken out to the street in middle of the night during a time where walking was forbidden by city rules.
The next day, neighbours helped the family try to get into the house for some remains, but the terrorists threatened then that they will behead and burn them all.
The attacks against Christians are happening also in Hai-Al-Jameea suburb. The terrorists are threatening the Christians by writing letters and making phone calls forcing them to leave their homes or the penalty will be death. Because of this threat many Christian families left their homes and ran away. Muslim neighbours have been threatened to be killed if they were to help these Christians.

Translation by Helani