Body of kidnapped Christian businessman discovered in Iraq

Baghdad- Iraqi police on Monday found the body of a Christian businessman who was kidnapped three days ago in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, security sources said. According to the sources, the body of Emad Elia was found in the al-Hai al-Askari neigbourhood of Kirkuk. There were gunshots and knife wounds on his body.

Following the kidnapping, Kirkuk’s Chaldean community called on the government in Baghdad to protect Christians in Iraq.

“The Christians have their roots here in Iraq and particularly in this city and no one can doubt their nationalism,” read a statement by the group.

The statement also pointed out that Christians in Kirkuk have been a constant target of threats, kidnappings and murder by armed groups.

In September, Samir Gorgias, a Christian pediatrician was released by captors after payment of a 100,000-dollar ransom.

Police said Gorgias bore marks of torture upon his release, and that he carried a message from his abductors calling on all Christians to convert to Islam or leave the city.

Kirkuk is 250 kilometres north of Baghdad.

Elsewhere in Iraq, a ten-year old boy died in Mosul when a bomb hidden under a pile of garbage exploded.

Also in Mosul, a soldier shot and killed a man who had attempted to throw a bomb at an Iraqi army patrol.

Mosul is 400 kilometres north of Baghdad.,body-of-kidnapped-christian-businessman-discovered-in-iraq.html