Blood Donation Campaign in Appreciation of the Sacrifices of Homeland’s Defenders

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- ‘The Youth of Love and Peace’ group and the Syriac Mar Afram musical band on Tuesday carried out a blood donation campaign under the title ‘The Syrian Blood Is Precious’ to stress the Syrians’ commitment to national unity and their steadfastness in the face the conspiracy targeting their homeland.

The participants in the campaign, which was conducted at the Blood Bank in Damascus, expressed their readiness to provide all forms of help to confront the challenges facing Syria, considering that donating blood honestly reflects the cohesion of the Syrian people.


“Such campaigns express the Syrians’ love for their country and appreciation of the Syrian Army’s sacrifices for the sake of defending its unity, stability and sovereignty,” said Governor of Damascus Countryside, Hussein Makhlouf, during his participation the campaign.

“This is the least we can do to help save the life of whoever needs this blood of the civilians and the military who have been targeted by the armed terrorist groups,” Makhlouf added.

Dr. Bassam, Hassan Eid, Chief Doctor at the Blood Bank Department, said the participation of the volunteer youth groups in blood donation campaigns stems from their patriotic sentiment and high sense of responsibility and the unity of the Syrian blood.

Participating in the campaign, Azzam Abbas, Dalya Nassr and Raghdaa Mahmoud considered it their and every Syrian’s duty to do whatever that can be done to contribute to preserving their country along with ‘the homeland’s defenders’, saying that blood donation is a national and moral duty.


“I’m ready to offer my blood and soul for the brave Syrian military who are the symbol of genuine Arab resistance,” said Diyala Natafji.

H. Said