Bishop To Consecrate New Chaldean Church

27325274_240×1802.jpgOur Lady Of Perpetual Help Located In Orangevale
SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — Sacramento’s newest church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, will be consecrated Friday evening by His Excellency, Bishop Sarhad Jammo of San Diego.

The Chaldean and Assyrian church at 7625 Hazel Avenue in Orangevale is part of the Chaldean Catholic Church. This ancient, eastern Christian church has more than 1.5 million members worldwide and is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Visiting clergy from the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches in the area will join in the blessing of the church. The consecration will be followed by the ancient liturgy, in a mixture of Chaldean (modern Aramaic) and English.

The distinctive exterior of the church, designed by Thomas Simon of Sacramento, is traditional for Christian churches in Iraq that always face east.

“That is because Christ came from the east and we await his return,” Simon said.

The front is meant to resemble a person kneeling at prayer, head bowed with hands in the air giving praise.

The church also has a large hall which will available for community events such as wedding receptions.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is the only Chaldean church in the Sacramento region. The closest ones are St. Matthew Chaldean-Assyrian Church in Ceres and St. Thomas Chaldean Church in Turlock.