Bishop of Syriac Orthodox in Sweden demands the United Nations to support requirements of our people for autonomy region

Eminence Bishop Abdul Ahad Kelo Shabo, bishop of Syriac Orthodox in Sweden and Scandanavian countries demands the United Nations and great states “which believe in justice” to support requirements of our people to get its legal national rights specifically autonomy in the historical places.
That came in a special statement by Nazar Askar, correspondence of Ishtar satellite channel in Sodertalia Sweden.
The bishop called the people to demand their autonomy right saying “it is an instant demand to be continued till fulfilling”.
Bishop Shabo assured that demand “do not mean separation from Iraq , and places must be within unified Iraq” rejecting that the demand is considered as an appeal for separation from our origin country Iraq “.
Bishop condemned the consideration of minorities disable for autonomy in the places where they exist. Assuring “We are originally establishers of this homeland, can manage to administrate ourselves”.
Bishop mentioned UN that our people exposed to force immigration for many times asking for international support .
“We lived different periods in Iraqi history, each time we refused to separate from Iraq , meantime we can govern ourselves “.
The bishop continued saying “As an example ,the area in the northern Iraq where our people live ,why we do not have our administrations of security , services and other managements”.
and from Ishtar satellite channel the Bishop deducted greetings to Bishop Serious Hawa ,Bishop Sleba Shamoon,Bishop Mousa Al-Shimali and all clergymen and people in Iraq saying “ I want you to demand your legal national rights as Syriac Orthodox church and other churches why we are orphans?