Bishop Forgives ISIS for Atrocities

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A Chaldean Catholic bishop has offered forgiveness to ISIS with a warning that unless the fundament crisis with Islam is addressed, there would be no future for Christians in the Middle East.
At Georgetown University, Archbishop Bashar Warda has said, to those who murdered and sought to destroy everything about them, Iraqi Christians forgive them in the name of Christ – but Muslim leaders need to do more than clarify that ISIS doesn’t represent their faith.

The Bishop has said they’ve heard courageous voices from Islamic leaders about the need for change and it should be encouraged.

He says so few Iraqi Christians are left and while it’s true their numbers are small, the Apostles’ were much smaller

Hope is seen in the new Catholic University of Erbil for both Christian and Muslim students and the reopening of St. George’s Church in the Nineveh Plains.

Bishop Forgives ISIS for Atrocities